Edge Solution™ for Energy Optimization

Edge Solution™ applies big data analytics and advanced machine learning engine on the heterogeneous data, user knowledge and feedback to provide forecasting and optimization to prescriptively drive intelligent decision and efficient operation, agnostic to asset types. 

Application in Energy Storage Integration, Renewable Power Generation and Microgrid

This software integrates and optimizes multiple sources and sinks, balancing solar/wind or other renewable power generation, grid scale energy storage, power grid capacity and reliability, demand and economics, to ensure maximum benefits for the renewable power producer while satisfying other parties’ needs. It enables adaptive control for Microgrid, matching and tuning heterogeneous energy sources (grid, distributed generation such as Solar/Wind, CHP/NG, Diesel generation), energy consumers (curtailable or non-curtailable load), energy storages (batteries), bi-directional EV charging stations and others to achieve reliable, cost-efficient operation of the Microgrid.  

Application in Buildings and EV Charging Facilities

This software allows building managers and operators to not only obtain real time data on energy consumption but also adjust facility behavior based on that data. It provides holistic integration of real-time data from all building sub-systems, intelligent forecasting and optimization to aid building operation decisions, autonomic capability to actuate building sub-systems such as VFDs through common protocol (such as BACnet or Modbus) as an autopilot, to achieve energy-efficient intelligent building. It also provides intelligent control of EV charging facilities to minimize electric load demand and impact to the power grid, while maximizing EV charging capacity and economics. It works for facilities with EV chargers, onsite energy storage, and onsite power generation. The incremental demand peak and associated cost incurred for demand based on EV fleet size with this solution is many times less than the plain vanilla EV charging facilities.